Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Look who's arrived!

Baruch finally made his appearance into this world on June 16th. He was 7lbs 12oz 19 inches long with lots of black hair. So much in fact that he was sent home from the hospital with a comb.

Since his arrival, I am back in the life of the hour and a half "time bomb". Started supper? Oops, baby needs to eat...sorry kids hope you like slightly burnt curry...
Hadassah and Isaac have taken it upon themselves to make "Rocky" live up to his nickname and make him the toughest kid in the neighborhood. Yesterday, I found him halfway across the dining room licking the wood floor after I distinctly remember putting him "safely" on a blanket in the living room. Now, I know I have exceptional children, but I am pretty sure my 3 week old can't crawl yet. Hadassah cheerfully informed me that Rocky wanted to go for a ride so they "helped" him into the dining room. (translation: he was dragged there).

I am sorry to all the followers of this blog who are looking for my writer husband's input. I know, I know, he's much more articulate and funny than I am but I promised all our friends in Albuquerque that I would blog when the baby was born since that is a much too boring of a subject for him to blog about. But stay posted, he may someday soon deign to fill your day with delight once again.