Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthdays

Hadassah is now 3 years old, though she likes to tell people at the park that she is six. We have had a very happy birthday weekend. Yesterday Zadie, Bubbie, Josh, and Bep, came up to celebrate and watch the Phillies cream the Rays. (I took my cumpulserary nap from the bottom of the 7th until the bottom of the 9th).
Zadie got the traditional 500 balloons, horns, streamers, party hats, tiara and banner to litter our apartment for days.
Hadassah also got a keyboard that Bobby has decided Hadassah should "share" ("Share" is code for "gimmee" in our house)
The icecream cake candle blow out was sucessful because Bubbie and Hadassah practiced 25 times earlier in the afternoon. (Now you know how many matches are in an average matchbook)
Then today Hadassah got a package from Grandma and Grandpa complete with enough outfits for Hadassah to change into for 1 day, (Dan thinks the dress would be cuter with more bows though) blocks (which Isaac is intent on using to design the next national museum) and most important lipgloss!!!! The day was not complete without a trip to the mall, build-a-bear, and icecream. Can you guess what Hadassah named her bear???? Yep, "six".
Well, there you go, my first blog, maybe next time I can actually figure out how to format better!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

View from Our Balcony

1. The Washington Monument (It stands in the distance as a proud tribute to the spirit of democracy and the hope of a great nation. It's the second thing the aliens blew up in "Independence Day.")

2. Where we park our car. (Not in the tree, smart guy, the parking garage is to the left.

3. Where Jimmy Stewart gave his great filibuster speech.

4. Our only adjacent neighbors (They have yet to complain about the Judge Judy in Spanish at 6:00 am)

5. The nearest slurpee (.4 miles away)

6. The closest halel butcher shop

7. The second closest halel butcher shop

8. The home of an angry man who is just now wandering why I appear to be taking his picture

9. The apartment Priscilla thought was ours when we arrived at 1:00 am and carried everything we owned from the car

(This is a very dark and overcast view of the park taken from our balcony. Every morning -with the exception of this morning because it is dark and overcast- our kids will awake to the squealing sounds of children. We will eat breakfast, get dressed then go to the park and play with "friends." ("Friends" is the term we have adopted to refer to any other child.) Hadassah is learning to play with others on her own and is slowly beginning to realize that just because everyone is her "friend" doesn't mean that they all want to play with her. Bobby has been a little less social is more interested in learning to go down the slide on his own without drawing blood.)

Our House is a Very Very Very Fine House

Here is a brief rundown of the amenities our apartment has to offer:

-Two Bedrooms

-Carpeted dining area (so much for trying to get back any deposit)

-Our first television (Hadassah and Bobby have already figured out how to work the remote which means that every morning I wake up to Judge Judy blaring on the Spanish Network)

-Our very own two-in-one Eurotrash washer/dryer (clean jeans are just 32 hours away -this afternoon I had to have Hadassah show me what two buttons to push in order to disable to child-saftey lock)

-Two walk-in closets

-Five crawl-in closets

-24 hour fitness center (especially important as I have located 17 Ben and Jerry Scoop Shops in a 20 mile radius)

-Two Bathrooms (especially important as I have located 17 Ben and Jerry Scoop Shops in a 20 mile radius)

-Real on-site convenience store ("Real" meaning that it is stocked with tahini and kosher beef and run by a disgruntled Korean)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Blogger Disclaimer

I don't really like blogs. To be honest, I am pretty much against all computer networking technology. I long for the bygone days where media was an elitist tool wielded only by the rich, famous or powerful -a weapon of propaganda. I want my information filtered through the hazy-bias of Ted Turner and Pat Robertson, not some joe-six pack who is more interested in broadcasting himself than he is in trying to force me to think the way he does. The internet media has become the world’s largest stage, hosting an endless open-mike night. Anyway, at the request of friends and family here is the Triestman’s set. Please don’t be offended if we don’t stick around to listen to your number. (The unrelated picture is Princess and Bobby greeting two would-be muggers in NY's central park.)