Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Rocky has not stopped moving since he was created. Here are a few photos of his normal day.
First, he needs to get his morning Java boost....

Next, he needs to unload all the silverware from the dishwasher. (look closely and you will see his preferred method of cleaning, he gets that from the military-leaning side of the family. The legs are from a different side...)
Then he likes to get his daily quota of sand intake. (Yes, Vitamin D is the latest fad substance we all need to thrive, but he knows Grandpa's advice to eat your roughage is as sound as always, especially when you wear Pampers)


Mom/Grandma said...

Can't wait to get out there and kiss those little cheeks! Looks like I need to bring the scissor. Think the airport authorities will believe me that the scissors are for cutting my 9 month old's hair?

Stephie said...

He is soo big and grown up already!! I am so sad we are missing out on all this! What an incredibly happy kid. Keep blogging!!!!

Jill said...

Ohh i just got the biggest belly laugh of the day outa that last pic of him!
So fun to see pics of how bout the rest of the clan?!?

Likin' the CA life?!?

keepin' make me laugh :)

rach said...

Yay, fellow bloggers! We miss you guys but fully intend to live vicariously through your travel nursing adventures! Have fun!!!
Love, The Turk-Chopp fam
ps.... our blog: